Our practice has made many changes to help keep our patients, team members, and families safe.

Changes to our physical premises
  • Installing glass barriers in our waiting room
  • Closing off our 3 chair open-bay into 3 individual rooms
  • Upgrading our HVAC capabilities with air filtration units from Surgically Clean Air and Austin Air
  • Providing outdoor check-in and check-outs to minimize the number of patients in the waiting room
  • Elimination of waiting room toys, magazine, and coffee station
Employee Training and Protocols
  • All team members and dentists have undergone extensive training in infection control and prevention
  • We routinely review our protocols and systems in efforts to improve safety
  • Temperatures for all team members and dentists are taken and recording daily
  • All team members must be symptom-free prior to entered the dental office
  • All team members must change into freshly laundered work clothes upon entering the office
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • All team members and dentists will utilize PPE that meets or exceeds recommendations from the dental college
  • During clinical procedures, team members will wear ATSM Level 3 or N95 masks for patient care
  • Administrative team members will also be wearing masks while in the office and during any patient interaction
  • Team members and dentists have been trained in proper use of PPE
Scheduling Changes
  • We have lengthened all appointments to facilitate social distancing and allow time to disinfect, clean, and sterilize in between patients
  • We strive to provide more available time to provide same-day treatment for dental cavities diagnosed during hygiene visits in order to minimize the number of office appointments
  • We continue to provide virtual appointments when necessary
When you visit our office, please follow these COVID-19 Protocols  

If you have any questions about our safety protocols, feel free to contact us